Jenna Burke Art 2Build on your talents and passions. Increase your work’s accessibility and impact a wider audience. Foster leadership skills.

Kelly illuminates the way with infectious enthusiasm and expertise. Through a unique blend of archetypal projective dreamwork and narrative life coaching, Kelly inspires clients to explore symbol and metaphor as a means to transform their everyday stories and art. 

1:1 Client Sessions (online and in-person)
Dive into the practice of archetypal projective dreamwork, a lifelong tool for self-growth. Schedule a single session to explore a particular dream or story, develop familiarity with the practice, or even gift a session to a friend! Purchase multiple sessions as a package and receive a discounted rate.

  • 30-minute “mini” session
  • 75-minute regular session
  • 3 hour intensive

Group Workshops
Enjoy the benefits of group archetypal projective dreamwork: clearer communication, deeper levels of empathy, examination of collective biases, effective teamwork, shared creative vision, and much more! Personalize your group workshop for a single day or weekend, or as a continuing weekly, biweekly or monthly event.

  • 90-minute workshop: Couples & small groups (<10 participants)
  • 3 hour workshop: Couples & groups, optional yoga class included
  • Academic seminar: Introduction to Archetypal Projective Dreamwork
  • Professional seminar: Applications of Archetypal Projective Dreamwork in Holistic Health

Artist Series: 4-Pack (20% discount)
Explore your dreams and meet your inner muses! Sessions increase awareness of archetypal patterns—universal patterns that echo throughout individual experience. Utilizing powerful archetypal patterns in your work helps impact a wider audience at a deeper level. Kelly teaches dynamic dreamwork techniques that foster creative insight. After four personalized weekly or biweekly Dreamwork Muse sessions that energize your artistic process and increase dream recall, you’ll have the tools and a lifetime of dreams to draw on for inspiration. Package includes four reduced-rate appointments centered around your creative practice.